Artwork on our Volume 3 cover:   Sweet and Sour Catholicon ,  Dianne Settino, 2017, acrylic, colored pencil, marker on paper

Artwork on our Volume 3 cover: Sweet and Sour CatholiconDianne Settino, 2017, acrylic, colored pencil, marker on paper


Convivium – third issue

Call for Submissions

Convivium is seeking submissions of poetry, stories, and essays for its third issue, the theme of which is Feast

In our last issue, we explored the literal etymology of the word convivium: com (together) + vivere (to live). But now we turn towards the word’s actual, historical usage. Convivium, in Latin, means feast, and is the equivalent of the Greek symposium, which we now use to refer to a gathering and sharing of ideas, but which once meant a banquet. Plato’s great dialogue, The Symposium, explores the theme of love (eros), and the dialectic between friends becomes a feast for the mind. But Plato’s implication is that such a feast is superior to literal, physical feasting. 

We’re not so sure about that. The ideal of the feast, after all, is one of fullness, an embrace of all the richness reality has to offer. So, yes, we want to talk about literal feasts, as well as metaphorical ones. A feast can be profane, or it can be sacred, and sometimes it can even be both. Show us how this happens. We are interested also in the feasts that appeared initially to be famine, in famines that appear to be feasts. Give us work about feast-making, about the temptation of the feast, about exclusion from the feast, about satiety, about gluttony, about being truly fed. 

Whatever your genre, we are interested in work in which the person’s encounter with the world, whether in joy or sorrow or conflict, is made radiant. We like both tradition and experimentation, as both are aspects of the same creative action. Whatever you do, don’t be tame or timid. Push us to our own edges, where we can look out at the infinite.

Submission requirements:
Please email submissions to convivium.journal@gmail.com. Your work should be sent as an attachment. 

We publish in Garamond, so that font is preferred for written work, but not required.

Please put no identifying information on the body of your submission, as all work will be blind-reviewed by the editorial committee.

Do, please, include a short author bio in the body of your email, however. 

Previously unpublished work only, please.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know immediately.

You may submit up to five poems, or works of visual art. Stories or essays should be under 4,000 words each. 

Our deadline for submissions to Convivium: Feast is January 5.